Past Projects

The following is a list of recent and significant projects, in which Dr Paul Smith has taken a major lead

  • Lichen and non-lichenised fungus surveys of Lyme Park (Cheshire)
  • Bryophyte and lichen surveys of Becka Brook (Devon)
  • Condition assessment of Croxton Park Lichenological SSSI (Leicestershire)
  • Bryophyte and lichen surveys of coal waste sites at Bryndefaid and Nant Helen (South Wales)
  • Licenced collection and photomicrography of gametophyte of Killarney fern (Vandenboschia speciosa, Trichomanes speciosum) for scientific purposes
  • Survey, assessment and translocation design for winter stalk puffball (Tulostoma brumale) in relation to a flood alleviation scheme at Attenborough Lakes SSSI (Nottinghamshire)
  • Lichen survey and mitigation design relating to the repair of iron rails, stone bridges and other structures at Stanford Park SSSI (Leicestershire)
  • Survey and mitigation for river jelly lichen (Collema dichotomum) in relation to a hydropower scheme on River Barle (Somerset)
  • Bryophyte survey of Back Lane Quarry (Lancashire)
  • Holland House Retreat, Conference and Laity Centre (Worcestershire): An Ecological Guide
  • A5 Hendre Arddwyfaen (Conwy) Road Improvements: Bryophyte and Lichen Survey
  • Broadway Quarry (Worcestershire): Exended Phase 1 Habitat Survey and Limestone Grassland Restoration Proposals
  • Ebbsfleet (Kent Thameside): Surveys of Bryophytes, Lichens and Non-lichenised Fungi
  • Causeway Site of Nature Conservation Interest (Gloucestershire): Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey and Phase 2 Botanical Survey
  • Translocation Design for Adder's-tongue (Ophioglossum vulgatum)
  • Translocation Design and Captive Breeding of European glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca)
  • Translocation Design for Shepherd's Needle (Scandix pecten-veneris)
  • Teesport Heavy Oil Upgrader (Cleveland): Phase 2 Botanical Survey and NVC
  • Taxonomic Studies of Fumaria species
  • Lichen Survey of Speech House Oaks Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) (Gloucestershire)
  • Lichen Survey for A470 (T) (Blaenau Ffestiniog to Cancoed)
  • Lichen, Bryophyte and Fungal Survey of Eastern Quarry (Kent Thameside)
  • Phase 2 Botanical Survey for Shrewsbury North West Relief Road
  • Phase 2 Botanical Survey for A5117 Deeside Junctions Improvement
  • Lower Plant Surveys of Coal Spoils in South Wales
  • Aquatic Macrophyte Survey of Attenborough Lakes SSSI (Notts)
  • Bryophyte Survey of Keen of Hamar SSSI (Shetland)
  • Biological Studies of Mistletoe (Viscum album) and Witchweeds (Striga spp.)

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