Botanical Investigations offers the following services:

Surveys and mitigation design for bryophytes, lichens, non-lichenised fungi, charophytes, Killarney fern (Vandenboschia speciosa).

Ecological Impact Assessment
: Providing the botanical component of ecological impact assessments

Vegetation Survey: Phase 1 Habitat Survey, National Vegetation Classification (NVC) survey, 

Translocation Design: Design of methodologies for the translocation of species and habitats, especially bryophytes, lichens and non-lichenised fungi.

Autecological studies: Detailed studies of the biology of individual plant species.

Habitat Management and Monitoring: Preparation of management plans and monitoring protocols.

Ecological Mentoring and Training Courses: Half or full day training courses and workshops on EcIA and other practical ecological issues.

Presentations and Lectures: Informal, formal or academic with visuals.

Specialist advice on the European glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca).


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