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With over 30 years experience as an ecological consultant, writer and lecturer, Paul Smith established Botanical Investigations on 1st June 2007 as an independent, specialist consultancy providing advice on UK flora to landusers and conservationists. Paul is a Senior Associate Teacher with the University of Bristol and is involved in training undergraduate and post-graduate students in the ecological disciplines in the UK and Tenerife. He has a good knowledge of Spanish.

Botanical Investigations provides scientific advice on issues relating to plants and their ecology in the UK including flowering plants, ferns, bryophytes (mosses and liverworts), lichens, fungi and charophytes (stoneworts). Paul has been licenced by Natural England to sample river jelly lichen (Collema dichotomum), a Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981) Schedule 8 species, and Killarney fern (Vandenboschia speciosa), a European protected plant species.

The consultancy has a scientific and educational ethic and seeks to provide its clients with objective guidance on issues relating to development, land management and conservation in a time of global environmental change.

As a technical author, Paul publishes aspects of his work either alone or with collaborators and a list significant publications is provided on this web site, including his recent book: Indicator Plants: Using Plants to Evaluate the Environment.

Botanical Investigations maintains the following technical resources:

  • Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Digital Imaging
  • Photomicrography Unit
  • Technical Library

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